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Pump vs Semi-Auto SPEED!

Years ago I got challenged by a semi-auto shooter to see who was faster - me with my Model 12 or him with his semi. I forget what he was shooting but the results were pretty interesting and his last shell was fired -after- my last empty hit the ground. It was a semi that was contemporary with the time, but not, for example one of the newer models like an SX2, AL391, etc (it may have been an 1100). In other words - is a newer pump like the Nova or BPS as fast as a newer semi auto?

I wonder if this is still the case, or if it was and still is all in the shooter.

Stipulation was all shots had to take out a milk jug down-range, they were spaced about 2' apart. Both guns started with 4 in the tube and 1 in the chamber.

BTW - I consider such things totally academic and I do not encourage exhibition style shooting, or any shooting period unless you are 100% trained in and experienced with it and it can be done in a 100% safe manner! True professional shooters are just that - PROFESSIONALS! I am not and the fact that I am alive today does not mean what I did was a good idea - it should not be tried or replicated by anyone for any reason.
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