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Yes I meant that the 1100 is reliable cause the 11-87 uses the 1100 action improved. etc meant 1100, 11-87 action.

Benellis are good semi-autos too as a friend of mine had a Black Eagle that he really bragged on. I considered getting a Saiga once but it seems the reliablity is dependant on which Russian factory cranked them out according to the Saiga forums.

Also I like the feature that the gun functions well with just about any load cause I have heard some semi-autos are very finicky about the load needed to cycle the action. I don't like the idea of having to adjust a gas system cause I might get careless and leave the gas system set for light loads and than send heavy loads down the tube.

A semi-auto would make things a lot simpler when you wake up all groggy in the middle of the night and need some firepower without much micro-managment. I never really trusted the safety on the mossberg pumps but feel confident with the 11-87s safety enough to keep a round in the tube.

Which I am not as knowledgable on shotguns as I am on rifles. Just love my new gun is all.

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