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another option

I put quite a few stands up on public land every year, live next to 40,000 acre WmA!!!! I use a climber on spots where I feel the public will be there in numbers, and just put up with carrying it in and out. On my more remote spots, I use put ups more often. I also have an extra climber, which I usually put on a tree and leave for a week or so in my really really way back places.

One trick is to use screw in steps and just remove the bottom couple. I also use screw ins to get me up a few feet on a tree to where my climber will fit. I have never used a combo of a stick and screw ins, but suppose that could work too.

I hate advertising my spots and am leery of leaving put ups for that reason, but as I get older, the climber gets to be more and more of a hassle.
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