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Wait so your saying the 11-87 is the only reliable semi auto you know of and the 1100's aren't reliable? Or you are saying that the 1100's are reliable too? There are many reliable semi auto's out there. I've tried both pumps and semi auto's and much prefer the semi auto's. However, it's just a personal preference. I can also honestly say that reliability wise I had more problems with my old 870 Express Super Magnum pump than I have any semi auto I've used. One exception is my buddies 11-87. I probably even had more problems than his but for some reason these last two years it really wants to jam on him. Seems to be a fairly new thing though.

For the most part the 11-87's are great guns and a good choice especially if you want an affordable semi auto. This coming from a man that isn't a Remington fan after dealing with a few of them. However, the 1100's and the 11-87's are the two I like.
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