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Rave on the Remington 11-87 Police shotgun

I have never owned a semi-auto shotgun. Always used pumps cause people tell me they are more reliable and that you can fire a pump as fast as an autoloader. I have enjoyed the use of pump shotguns for 20 years and never even fired an autoloader during that whole time or back when I was younger and could only afford a single shot.

I acquired an 11-87 recently. It is the only semi-auto shotgun action I know of (1100s etc) that has a solid reputation for reliablity.

I was not disappointed whatsoever. The version I have has rifle sights and extended tube. It will put the rounds down range as fast as you can pull the trigger. I put both light game loads and high base slugs through it without a hitch.

I would hate to be the poor sap that breaks into my house. I prefer using full bore slugs in my shotguns.

This has to be about one of the best tactical shotguns ever conceived.
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