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Well, even I knew what I meant, but that was still a funny blooper. I will still fix it, however as it is just not appropriate.
I knew it was a blooper. It made me chuckle so loud, the wife came over to see what was up.

Random was a poor choice of words. It just seems like folks think I am seeing deer, shooting at deer and praying for the best. That assumption is way off base.

So they weren't just shooting randomly, but had they managed to actually hit the animals
I'm not at all saying that I'm 100% all the time. No one is. I've lost deer, and it makes me sick. I was counting up the deer I've hit and never found. I came up with 5. Two I know survived, and one other probably did. Only one of the five was due to an "un-approved" angle. That buck was at 5 yds and facing me. I tracked him for over 400 yds and he made three scrapes along the way. I mis-judged the distance or deflected on the others.

Unfortunately we won't get a picture of the deer you will lose.
That's so profound I don't really know how to respond. But seriously, I know that, and the consequences of everyshot I take...rifle and bow. I don't shoot if I don't know that I can put the deer down in 8 seconds or less. Sometimes, crap happens. Even when the situation is ideal, crap can happen. But I take the responsibility very seriously.

Practice, practice, and then do it all over again.
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