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My mould numbers wouldn't help you as I use Hensley & Gibbs moulds which are no longer available. In general, I recommend casting with a relatively hard alloy (NOT soft, swageable, pure lead) in a semi-wadcutter shape with a single, large lube groove. Flat base or bevel base bullet style is personal choice but bevel base bullets do start easier into the cases when seating. Bullet weight from a given mould will vary with the alloy used but roughly, I prefer the following:
a) .44 bullets, 240-250 gr, sized to .430"
b) .357 bullets, 150-160 gr, sized to .357-.358"
c) .45 ACP bullets, about 200 gr, sized to .451-.452".
These combos have served me well for many years with no problems. I use ALOX lube (50% ALOX and 50% pure beeswax) which is rather soft but works great. Gives excellent accuracy and no leading. Both RCBS and Saeco (sold by Redding) make excellent bullet moulds.
Good shooting and be safe.

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