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Glenn, I was about to warn the OP about using labels such as "liberal" and "conservative" and generalize them... but I decided against it. To do so DOES take away from the very useful and interesting point of view expressed in the link. I see a propensity for immature posters to lead this off topic, but the OPs information is informative.

Liberals and conservatives DO have certain general (but not all encompassing), and usually opposite belief systems. To infer this, and give logical and non-judgemental argument to one group as to why their beliefs are mis-placed, is not a bad thing. The resulting dialogue could be, but it hasn't turned that way yet. As long as it stays on topic without getting defensive (or offensive), I don't think it would be distracting.

Of course, that is your call and not mine. Rap my knuckles if you need to.
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