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Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment -- still awesome after a year

There's a group of users on who are out to prove that you can be liberal/progressive AND a big 2A supporter.

They're attempting to post a new diary every Tuesday. You can search for it right here (or just go to and put RKBA in the search field "stories and diaries"). Forward this link to any liberal friends you have who don't support RKBA.

One extremely popular diary was written last year and was recently reposted. It's titled "Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment." Read it, forward it to any liberal friends you have who don't support RKBA. It is long, detailed, and hot-linked to numerous data sources. If you google it you'll find it cross-posted all over conservative, libertarian, and, yes, liberal sites and blogs.

Note: it was first posted in April 2008, about two months before the decision in Heller was published, and I don't think it's been updated. The arguments presented about the "individual rights" interpretation are very, very similar to those used by the majority in Heller.

You may ask why this is so special? Because it's written by somebody left of center, posted on one of the biggest left of center blogs, expressly to convince people who are left of center that their belief system WRT the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments can only lead to one conclusion: that liberals should love the Second Amendment. I posted it here last year because I think it is one of the most persuasive -- if not the most persuasive -- 2A arguments for an audience that is left of center.

Reading the comments is optional. Enjoy.
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