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Since when did Race become an issue in hunting? I agree.
I suspect everybody knew what he meant.
Well, even I knew what I meant, but that was still a funny blooper. I will still fix it, however as it is just not appropriate.

I said,
You cursorily dismissed shots to the haunches and such as random shots
You replied
The shot that went up her ham and into her heart wasn't on purpose. She jumped over a log just as I shot. She was quartering away at the time of release.
I was not commenting on your shot, but on your quote where you dismissed it as being random. I then cited watching OLN's bloopers and seeing hunting gurus flub numerous shots. What makes you think that those folks who took shots that ended up badly necessarily took random shots? Do you think that they wanted to be filmed taking poor shots? No, of course not. So they weren't just shooting randomly, but had they managed to actually hit the animals with their shots, they would have been foot-breakers and well outside of the vital zone.
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