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Both of my Colt 1911 .45 acp's like the Lee Precision mold #90348. Scroll down until you get to the .45 acp molds - While I don't reload the other two, I have Lee a Lee mold in 9mm that is equally as nice.

I happen to like the Lee aluminum mold since the temperature is easier for me to control. I have only been casting for a little over a year and I started out slowly. As suggested, lots of reading is a prerequisite for this hobby. I was fortunate that all three of my barrels really like the Lee mold sizing and needed no adjustment or different sizes. From memory, the .45 acp bullets measure out to .452 and the 9mm to .356(?). You might consider another forum other than the internet for your data. I used the ABCs of Reloading and I have the Lyman 49th Ed. Reloading manual. I found that there aren't any checks and balances to what you see on the internet. In addition, there isn't anyone to edit something and tell you that the person doing the posting is wrong!
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