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Does the Army Code of Conduct...

The Army Code of Conduct really has nothing to do with this. I believe you are referring to the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice).
The UCMJ does/does not protect our civil rights. Depending on the issue (1st or 2nd amendment) and the circumstances around it.
Basically, you have those rights, so long as you exercise those rights, in civilian clothes, off the military installation.

1. I can go to political rallies, off post, in civilian clothes and be free to say basically what I want to say.
A. I can not go to an aryan brotherhood or black panther meeting and expound upon my views IF they bring discredit upon the armed forces.
B. I can not be quoted as "MSgt Buck, United States Air Force, says that he thinks (politician) will be bad for this nation." Neither can I be quoted as saying "MSgt Buck, United States Air Force, says that (insert race religion or sex) should be barred from serving in the military
C. I can be quoted as saying "Uncle Buck thinks..."

2. I can own firearms, but there are restrictions on possession of that firearm.
A. I may not be allowed to keep it in my quarters on base.
B. I may need to get the Security Police Commander or Provost Marshall to approve the purchase of a new firearm.
C. Any firearm I do own and have possession of must be stored in the prescribed manner that the installation commander has dictated.
D. If I live off base, then the installation rules may or may not apply towards my situation.

Either way, I have never been on an installation that allows concealed carry, except for certain job descriptions and never the general population.

So yes, the UCMJ does allow for us to maintain our civil rights as outlined in the Bill of Right, but they are definitely curtailed while in uniform or on-duty.
Off the top of my head, I do not remember what article of the UCMJ covers it, but there is a catch-all article in there that covers "Prejudicial to good order and discipline."
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