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Well I've actually been in a couple of situations where getting a fire going in less than ideal conditions was absolutely vital.

My survival kit includes a disposable lighter, and a "Blast Match" AND 4 Coghlans Fire Sticks.

Because I was curious as to how dependable those fire sticks would be I once submerged two of them in a glass of water for 7 days, pulled them out, snapped them in half (to create the jagged edge that lights so well) and held a lighter to them. They fired right up. So apparently they just won't get waterlogged and ruined (very important in the back-country or canoeing).

I've also found that if you snap one in half (again, to make the jagged edge that lights easily) and then press a "Blast Match" up against it and "spark" it they will light right up, usually on the first or second try.
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