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I am the OP

As more comes out on ths case,I for one,am having to ponder some on what I believe.

I still firmly believe in the Bill of Rights.The first and second ammendment have not changed.

I refuse to be check mated by fear or correctness ,or the terrorist succeeds in tearing down America.

In the extreme backlash,we end up like Bosnia,Serbia,Milosevich,and ethnic cleansing.That is not the USA I want.

This in no way says I am tolerant of jihadist terrorists,or a Timothy McVeigh,or the Aryan Nation that gunned down radio personality Alan Berg,or the two thugs who murdered Matthew Shepard or the two punk cowards who murdered my brothers son or pedophiles who bury little girls while they are still alive.
Its all the same.Its all evil.

And I believe in being able to shoot back.

Yes,I am angry,and yes I differentiate between someone choosing how to pray versus someone plotting to kill people.

But this forum is not the place to elaborate on those views.
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