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Originally Posted by amd6547
I am not so sure the situation regarding pot is so clear cut. The US Gov't has produced pot itself, and handed it out for legally sanctioned experiments. It has also provided pot for the treatment of glaucoma (ended by Bush in 1992).....
Yes, it is clear that marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Marijuana was made available legally for a limited period of time to a limited number of people as part of a clinical investigation. That investigation is over.

Seven people who participated in the program are still receiving marijuana, but no one else will legally, under federal law, unless the program is re-opened, a new program started or the law changed. So anyone other than one of those seven can forget about it.

Originally Posted by =amd6547
...Are those seven people banned from owning firearms?...
Probably not. Those seven people are probably the only marijuana users in the United States who would not be prohibited persons under 18 USC 922(g)(3) by reason of marijuana use (I don't know if any of them might be prohibited persons for other reasons).

And those seven people are the only marijuana users who could ever lawfully own a gun under federal law (if not otherwise disqualified). No other marijuana user will ever fall into that category unless the program is re-opened, a new program is started or the law is changed.
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