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Originally Posted by amd6547
...yet the text says "unlawful user of, or addicted to"...
Yes, that can be confusing with respect to Schedule II, III, IV and V drugs that can lawfully be prescribed and some of which can be addicting. I don't know what the answer is, and it may be something the courts will need to sort out in the future.

But the topic of the thread is marijuana. And since marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, it may not be prescribed lawfully under federal law. And therefore anyone using marijuana, even under state medical marijuana laws, is, under federal law, an unlawfully user of a controlled substance.

Other drugs present other issues. But the answer is clear for marijuana.

Originally Posted by MLeake
...what if somebody were to go on a trip to someplace ...where marijuana is not only legal but is sold at sidewalk cafes, but then returns to the US and is tested, for whatever reason?...
Testing can also be a problem for someone who has recently eaten a poppy seed bagel. I guess he'll have some explaining to do, and maybe they will buy it.
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