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I'm the OP
In my little world,I am running across folks who get a gleam in their eye at the thought of being able to get a medpot card.

I graduated high school in 1970.Enough said.

What can happen along the way,prioritizing the price of baby shoes,keeping a job to make the house payment,etc can cause an adult to make adult choices.Priorities,and choices.

Reality: Regardless of opinions on the use of pot(irrelevent), hope some folks will find this post a public service announcement.

If you do not care about your second ammendment rights,ignore it.

If you do cherish your 2nd ammendment right,if you are considering a medpot card,make the informed choice.Its up to you.

If this healthcare stuff passes,the feds will have a database about everything medical that applies to you.

Do whatever makes you happy.
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