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always take place on hunting ranchs...
Tune in to 'Big Horn Outdoors' or 'Call of the Wild'. The host of BHO is a friend of mine and I can vouch a veeery savy hunter to say the least. Hunted with him for many years in the worst of terrains before he became a movie star, hehe. His busy schedule just doesn`t allow us to hunt much anymore. Also I`d rather have him shoot at me with a gun than a bow. He`s flat deadly. Most all there shows done in the US are at locations that they`ve asked property owner/farmer to hunt. No high fences. See a good piece of property,get permission to hunt, find areas with good sign and feeding/watering holes, study topo maps etc. then go hunting. No canned hunts. Many times its more exspensive to do things this way due to the time thats spent scouting and yes there are times when the animals/weather just don`t cooperate. Then there`s the misses which I`ve had a few opportunities to rag on him about. Guess what, he shows them in his shows. His fav. show`s are when he does them with the handicapped(especially kids). We`ve talked about other various 'canned' hunting shows in which he stated he had no interest in doing and would go back to guiding fishing trips before he would do but he said most hunting shows do alot, money wise for the sake of hunting as a whole,ie donation of money and time to hunting federations, promoting youth hunting and the NRA. There`s many shows I don`t care to watch but I try to stop and think of the good they may be doing for hunting as a whole. Just a thought!
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