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no offense BUT

these so called hunting shows:

-always take place on private hunting ranches
-always show the herioc "hunter" in a blind/tree stand/shooting tower within 50-70 yards of at least two automatic feeding systems, normally the 20 foot 4 leg tripod type arrangements that can hold 300 pounds of grain
-the animals are always underneath the feeder system when shot
-the feed standsand blinds are always upon well maintained gravel/dirt roads

-whenyou look at ground under deer in "open space" its always on a dirt road
-deer that are standing on the dirt road will normally be eating corn off said road
-the typical rifle used by these herioc hunters in their super duper shooting towers are what people here call "bench rest rifles" normally in 300 mag or 243 or 270.
-most shots are made within 100 yards with above weapon off a solid shooting bench

-90 percent of animals shot will have poor shot placement
-heroic hunter will take a shot on an animal and say "i got him in the shoulder, damn im good"
-deer when found will always have a visible bullet hole in shoulder as well as the original shot in the poor animals stomach section
-most deer are not recovered the day of the shot on them. very common for the late afternoon shot to show the brave hunters follow the "30 yard blood trail" and have the sun in a higherand ealier day time position then when shot.
-normally on the "this is how we found it just now, 20 minutes after shooting" section, the sun will be high noon or before noon when deer was shot at 5pm or dusk according to instant post shot commentary.

see the problems?

dont forget that the main intent is to have a gun and ammo company have someone take a ridicously easy shot on an animal with the companis newest super rifle and super magnum caliber. because
"only our brand new 2000 sniper rifle in 284 dumbass wil take a 150 pound whitetail at 300 yards"
Newt, I normally make my reply rebuttal in point by point fashion but your would require too much work...
First off, using percentages without proof is typical "spin".

I am not the biggest fan of hunting shows but you speak much BS about them. You used the word ALWAYS far too many times and many are blatant lies or utter mistakes on your part. You say the animals will have poor shot placement 90% of the time? Well far more often then not I see the animal jump and run a few steps and ball up.
I see many animals shot with .270 and other typical traditional calibers. I rarely see some new round used. I rarely see a show where the hunter is using a new gun model as well.
You say deer will always have a good bullet wound as well as a gut wound when in actuality I cannot think of a single time I seen this...
You may want to re-think before posting crap like that... you are, afterall, posting on a board with folks who may have actually seen a few more of these shows than you or atleast watched these shows with their eys open!

Again... I don't care for many things in these shows but your post was laughable.
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