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HUGE tom turkey

Believe it or not, I was out this morning and got a 31 pound tom. Heck of a hunt. Set up decoys and called a couple times with no answer. Moved a half mile and tried again. I heard one gobble and I waited. About 15 minutes later, 3 huge toms wandered over the hill. They came down to 15yds and started spitting and strutting. I let them dance around awhile and picked out the biggest one. I didnt shoot him, I let him walk off. He was to nice a bird. I took a bead on the smallest one and blasted him....31 pounds dressed out.... The nicest bird I ever shot. Actually I didnt shoot him and I didnt hunt him. I went out to the pen, caught him up and butchered him. However that story is not as interesting. This way it gave you something to read and got you away from the wife a few minutes. Maybe the mods wont terminate imediatlly since its kind of a hunting story. It really is a 31 pound bird tough.
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