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Anybody watch Ted Nugent hunt shows? I doubt they are even on anymore...I have just discovered the outdoor channel. I watch most of hunting shows on the VS channel.

I like them...regardless of what we think of them as outdoorsmen/hunters I still enjoy the most of the shows more than 90% of what's on the rest of TV. I don't know how people watch most of that unwatchable garbage that's on. Maybe that's why people are so shallow these days...sorry, I'll get off of my soapbox now.

My poor girlfriend watched one of those with me one day. The dead deer didn't bother her, but two things did(or she didn't understand).

1. Her: "Why don't you kill huge bucks like that?"
Me: "Well baby, 1. we don't have deer like that in this state(SC), and 2. I don't have access to big private properties like the guy on the show.

2. Her: "Why does he need all of that equipment to sit in a stand?"
Me: "Because he has to look cool while he is on TV".
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