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A co-worker of mine was recently at FT Hood. He is an ex-US attack helicopter pilot, but is a civilian now. He had no troubles waltzing in. His cargo (armed robot!) attracted some attention but his person apparently didn't. Next trip will be different

I agree with HiBC

I see and hear and read a lot of "muslim this" and "muslim that" right now. The constitution, if we honor it truly, is a document that essentially says : "even if you don't like the fact that somebody has a right, its still a thing you must honor and defend". That's because its impossible to demand rights for ourselves while advocating limiting the rights of others

We here feel 'gun control' is wrong- it limits a right, making it mere privilege. When rights become privilege, the the concept of rights goes steadily down and we lose what the US should be.

Religion-control is un-American too. And that is exactly the gist of some things I see and hear and read. And its scary. We are truly in danger of losing ourselves.

When a US soldier betrays his country and murders his comrades in arms, I call that Treason; not religion, not terrorism, but plain old fashioned Treason. That's all I'll say about FT Hood I think
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