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Think I`ll set up in the backyard

. Got all excited about a certain buck I`ve been scouting. Didn`t sleep much Fri. night thinking of where to set up for Sat. morning. Since its late pre-rut here I`m thinking 'does'. Where are they(does) going to be? Where is that monster buck going to be chasing/scent checking the does? What major trail predominately used by does will that big guy be crossing and scent checking? You get the pics! Got up and was on stand about 30 min. before daylight. Daylight came, the woods woke up and I started a fine melody of rattling and using various calling techniques sure to bring in my trophy. Brought in a young, basket racked 7 pt. that hung out so long I eventually named him. After a long but beautiful day of hunting, I came down out of my stand and walked back to the house in the dark. Undressed on the deck and walked into the house to an aroma of dinner fit for a king(wife,being a country girl, cooks to the point that your gums will beat your brains out). I wasn`t at the house 15 minutes till the dog let out a grumble alerting me something was outside. I immediately get a flashlight and go to the side window. Low-n-behold, my monster buck(along with two does) is standing in the garden plot not more than 30 yds from the house. Maybe he smelled wife`s good cooking .
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