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Well I was invited by a veteran to go to the VA hospital on Friday as he hates to drive the trip alone. He informed me on the way that it was the day they have a "Stand Down" to help homeless vets and the generally needy. I thought this meant used BDU's etc... NOPE it was new gear with the exception of the "sea bag" duffel and sleeping bag. I got a set of NEW black BDU's i will use hog hunting (I can tote near a 12 pack in the pockets), A "LONG HANDLE" bottoms that are PREMIUM gear! There were a few other items but the cream of the crop was a NEW "large ALICE pack with aluminum frame"...

Man this baby is sweet! I will be using it to pack in my hunting gear for GEN GUN...
The locations I really wanted to hit on EGLIN AFB WMA are at least a 4 hour hike and now I can easily take the goodies. I fully intend to set up a camp and stay over night once I know that no bombing will make me a grease stain on the soil...
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