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Raven1, I had been shooting the weaver for many years, and received training from Frontsight in the Weaver as well. However, since I have gotten into IPSC and IDPA shooting, I noticed some weaknesses in it. I found that I would over do the push pull and cause myself to fatigue quickly, I also noticed that I could not shoot on the move very easily. I got a quick two hour lesson in the Isocelese stance from the local LE instructor, and was amazed with the results. I went from poking along and finishing in the lower half of the pack at matches to winning my division in a steel match, and d-calss at the USPSA 3-gun nationals. At the steel match I lost three of the first four rounds using a weaverish stance. After that I concentrated on the Iso and won every other round by at least 3 plates until victory. If I had not had experianced this first hand, I would not have believed it. If you want to give the Iso a try, get a hold of an A-class or above IPSC shooter in your area, or an instructor that teaches it, if you give it a fair shot, I think you will be amazed at how much easier and more natural it feels. Also, I shoot 45s for competition with a 200 grain handload at about 950fps. This ain't a wuss load, and the Iso works just fine.
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