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It almost sounds like you got a clip from Jeff Foxworthy's The Incomplete Deer Hunter! My mom got me 2 of those CDs: extremely corny, low-brained humor. Although his justification to the wife over how he is providing expensive food for his family was enjoyable (divided cost of (gun, ammo, camo, 4-wheeler, trailer for 4-wheeler, 4X4 to pull trailer with 4 wheeler, stands, scents, etc) by pounds of deer meat from 1 deer. Equaled ~ $200/pound).

The funny part about hunting shows I witnessed is they drive to some private land, get put into pre-placed stands or guided to animals whose whereabouts are already known, and they make bad shots. Makes me wonder how these guys would do on the heavily pressured public land I've hunted.

It seems to me like a self-licking ice cream cone! They shoot enough deer or enter enough shoots to get a sponsor, then work on the show deal, which leads to "good" hunting, which gets them more sponsors, that improves the show deal, that leads to more "good" hunting..... Who couldn't kill a monster buck on someone's private reserve?

When I still had cable and watched those shows, I did it for the opportunity to teach my junior shooters the right and wrongs. It was amazing the number of wrongs! You see it in the slow-motion: the shot hit too far back, too high, etc, then the idiot starts claiming how good a shot it was with the emphatic fist pump. Then when you finally get to the animal, you never see the wound. Why? Because then he'd have to fess up he botched the shot!

I did see 1 show that carefully reconstructed the shots and gave you a 3-D animal picture with vitals highlighted, bullet or arrow trajectory superimposed, and they would fess up to the botched shots. I considered that not only good integrity, but also their humble pie served as a good lesson to the viewers.

In reality, hunting shows are no more than adult shows for the hunter. Stalk, shoot, pose, repeat. How great it would be if they would talk strategies, stand placements, ingress/egress routes, how to pattern deer, etc.

Fishing shows like Bassmaster have it right: see the pros use the lures, where they are casting, water temps, patterns, often the hosts break it down with visuals. You can learn how to apply that to your own home waters. Wish the hunting shows would take a page from that playbook.
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