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Gary H & Danny45,
For the life of me, I cannot visualize how you are doing your reloads with the bullets to the back.
When your hands are at rest by your side, the palm is turned inwards. If you use a bullet-forward carry, this allows you to bring your hand to the mag in its natural position, palm in, and grip the base of the mag in the palm while laying the index finger along the front side of the magazine. With this presentation, as the mag clears its pouch, all that is needed is an approximate 90 degree rotation of the wrist to line the mag up with the mag well. In competition, I was taught to "look" the mag into the well for speed, but in a tactical situation, one would be better watching for targets and reloading by feel. The mag presentation I've described allows for such with the least amount of movement. All it then requires is to bring your hands together for the reload.

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