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well, i am no expert, but the experts do it the way they do because its the BEST way to do it.
mags on center & weak side.
bullets forward, with both hands on gun, take your weak hand and drop it. it NATURALLY rotates index finger goes on top where the bullet is, this makes sure the mag is loaded too. with the rest of your hand, draw magazine out of pouch, push it towards the gun, notice that it naturally rotates for you. magazine aligned with gun, slam it home. hit the slide release(i don't care if they instruction booklet says not to use it, Do it that way, its an inexpensive part)

hope this helps. as for the balanced look, no, carry all of your "stuff" on one side, you will be very noticable if you don't cover it well, that or look like you have a tumor :-)

happy shooting. and by all means practice what you do a LOT untill it becomes second nature
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