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Gary, I too am right handed and prefer my mags to be on the off side, about the same position as my pistol on the other side (for concealed carry). I too prefer the bullets point backwards so that I can draw it and ram it home (I am talking about loading a pistol here!! ) without much fuss.

I don't care how much you practice it, I think in a moment of stress, it will be very difficult to flip it around in your hand. In fact, you might even drop it. I'd suggest finding a different mag holder for your purposes.

It reminds me of LEO's who insist on wearing their mag pouches on the opposite (weak hand) side so they look "balanced". Those in the know wear them on the same side as their weapon, in front, and wear the ones the lay parallel to the belt with the openings nearest the buckle. That way they can easily draw the mag and insert it in the gun with very little wasted motion. That's the key for speedy reloads.


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