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Question: How the Hell did someone simply walk into the largest, (and one would assume from that, the most secure facility) the US Army has, with this weapon, without being detected? What role does base security play in this?
The base is huge. A large number of people need to go in and out daily as part of their normal routine. Trying to implement security tight enough to prevent a person from bringing in a handgun would bring traffic in and out of the base to a standstill.

Think about how long and slow the security lines at an airport are. Now think how long and slow they would be if each person had to have their car thoroughly searched besides what they have to go through to get into the airport secure area.

It's not even remotely practical.
I would have thought that since 9-11, security at military installations would have been more strictly monitored than back in the 80's when I was in, and I can assure you that it would have been almost impossible to have brought a weapon in to any of the AFB's I was stationed at.
I've been in and out of military facilities for the last 19 years and I have NEVER once been subjected to any security check that would have prevented me from bringing a handgun into the base. Security has gotten a bit tighter since 9-11 but it's still not anywhere near tight enough to prevent someone from bringing a handgun onto the base if they want to.

Are you honestly saying that EVERY time you entered these AFBs you speak of you went through a metal detector and/or were patted down? That your car was searched thoroughly enough to find a handgun secreted in the vehicle? That every container (briefcase, lunchbox, etc.) was opened or subjected to X-ray or metal detector search?
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