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OOPS!! I've been brainwashed (brainfaded?) by all of the IDPA folks' chanting about "practical" and grafted their bad logic into the I Practical SC group.

By their logic, airline pilots should *only* practice normal landings because landing gear failures are SO RARE!!


I say train for the extremes, and train harder for the more difficult skills.

Love the IDPA rationale, but they are as kookie in many ways as the ISPC gang's been with the "keep the rules simple" mantra which led to snap-in/pop out when you sit in a car seat holsters that *still* passed the retention test.

Mandatory concealed carry (for all but a few specialized scenarios) is just as silly and restrictive, IMO.

The "box" is a good idea.

Anyway, back to designing courses of fire...I used to design each month's shoot with one course of fire scored Comstock, one scored for points with a par time, and one scored with time is your score. Factored all by the best performance being 100 (percent) and all other scores being some lesser two-digit number, and just added all three for the aggregate.

The idea was to test, respectively, DVC, pure accuracy under time limit, and pure speed shooting. Balance the skills.
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