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Not to be the hunting police, but surely you weren't shooting deer with FMJ surplus? Bad ju-ju and a big fine if you get caught.
Not in my parts.

Methods of taking deer

It is illegal to hunt or shoot deer with firearms smaller than .22 caliber center-fire or a shotgun loaded with anything other than buckshot or rifled slug. Handguns may be used for hunting.
Thats it nothing on bullet type for rifle.

And here is general regs for bird and quadrupeds

Use of a longbow (including com-pound bow and crossbow) and arrow or a shotgun not larger than a 10 gauge fired from the shoulder without a rest shall be legal for taking all resident game birds and quadrupeds. Also, the use of a handgun, rifle and falconry (special permit required) shall be legal for taking all game species
turkey. It shall be illegal to hunt or take squirrel or rabbits at any time with a breech-loaded rifle or handgun larger than a .22 caliber rimfire or a primitive firearm larger than a .36 caliber.
again nothing on bullet type.

Back to topic I regulary get dud primers on Monarch 7.63x39.
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