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The 1st and 2nd ammendments,together

This is inspired by the tragedy at Ft Hood,but out of respect for those that are suffering I'd like for the discussion to be taken to a hypothetical.Lets not make this specific to Ft Hood.

There are some stress factors running amuck in our culture right now,like over 10% unemployment and other factors in the economy.Some folks will go over the edge.

And sometimes ,all over the world,people rationalize religion as a reason to harm other people.Throughout history,it might be one religion or another.

It is possible we will see more tragedies of this nature as time goes on.

One of the officials of our current administration,and I do not recall which one,said something about always exploiting a crisis to get something done that would otherwise be impossible.

It would not be unusual if there was a sudden push for more restrictive firearms legislation.

I think it best to hold the individual who hurts or kills people accountable for what they do.

It is not the Liberty that is the problem.

In this case,we must simultaniously and equally consider the 1st ammendment rights of freedom of religion with the second ammendment right to keep and bear arms

I vote we keep and honor the liberty

And hold the perpetrator solely responsible.
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