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I hate virtually all TV hunting shows. I see nothing appealing about watching deer die, its the worst part of any hunt for me. It is hunting, and definitively deer will die in the exercise, but I'm not one for high fiving the final life struggle of any beast as magnificent as any of the game I'm fortunate enough to kill.
I especially hate the local shows that show some fat, sedentary pig who can barely breathe while standing still huff his way up to his barely trained, uninspired and overweight Brittany, only to have to kick a hen pheasant up with his boot and obliterate dinner in an enormous puff of feathers, wings and legs with one pull of his over-choked 12 gauge from 7 yards away. And then you have to suffer through 10 minutes of horrible camera work, lighting and sound in the after hunt recap, reliving the glory of the "hunt", the work of his mutts, the uncooperative weather. I hate the national shows' obsession with ranch hunting, with scoring, with sponsor exposure, with hi-tech equipment glorification, etc.
Just me, I realize there's a market for it, and sometimes I do watch. All too often when I do though, I feel like a gawker at a train wreck.
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