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I've wondered about the 10 round limit thing too.. but IDPA is a kick. One of our SO's who shall remain nameless shows up with an IPSC race gun with iron sites and that giant oversized mag well. I don't think he shoots for score.

One of the big things about IDPA is trying to make it "more real" while still keeping it competeitive. Like NOT allowing the shooters to do sight pictures and "pre plan" shooting the course. I think that's the best thing about IDPA is trying to keep you thinking on your feet.. esp. in the "blind" stages as opposed to a "known" quotient of targets with an expensive "race gun". Having SAID that there are Plenty of IPSC shooters that compete with us.. and they are all pretty damn good.

I've notice most of our SSP shooters use Glocks of one type or another. Most of our shooters are in the SSP class. the CDP class is half that size and Kimbers and Colts and Springfields are all well represented. Our ESP class usually only has 4-5 shooters but some of the BEST scores. (well some of the best shooters shoot ESP) Good or bad when I shoot my FEG hi-power I'm up against USP's in cocked and locked mode, or 1911's in 38 super or other such "non.45" guns. Revolvers are the smallest class and most of the revolver shooters shoot SW 625's in 45acp.

I'd say the leather to plastic ratio is about even.. but Kydex is the most popular plastic.

Funny thing is.. I'm the only person using a hi-power and a g-slide. Is there something I don't know? (like maybe I'm old fashioned)


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