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Sport, interesting point. I shoot IDPA at many different clubs in SoCal on a regular basis, and around the country when I can. I don't know about fitting in, but everyone wants gear that works. As far as plastic vs leather, plastic is taking over because it's faster. Regarding Glocks, well, lots of 1911 guys also own Glocks, but my observations are that only guns that work make the grade. I would say the split is 40% Glock, 45% 1911's, 10% remaining semi-auto in Sig, Beretta, H&K, S&W, and the rest in wheelguns, basically Smith and Wesson. I also notice that most malfunctions occur with the 1911's, and not Glocks. Personally, I retired my Colt Gold Cup when I bought my first gen G21.
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