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Where I live, we have three IDPA clubs.
That, of course, means three matches a
month-Tn,Va,N.C. About a dozen of us try
to shoot all three matches. Even more shoot
at least two. In all, there are probably
close to 120 individuals who regularly
participate in the sport here.

Over the past year I've begun to notice a
definite trend in hardware.
The vast majority of shooters have settled
on one of two guns: Gov model .45s or Glock

As an example at our last Virginia match we
had 58 shooters. Twenty-eight of them shot
gov models, 28 Glocks. In CDP and SSP there
were NO other brands represented. Two guys shot in the enhanced division.

A year ago, we would have seen HKs, Sigs,
S&Ws..the usual variety. We would have even
seen a couple of revolvers at any given match.

The trend is not limited to just one club.
I believe the two major reasons are:

1: People want to "fit" in. They notice what
is popular and folow suit.

2: We are very competative. Therefore, we
have found what works best.

By the way, "plastic" and leather holsters
are about evenly represented.

Are any of you noticing such trends at your

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