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Don't EVEN think that doing the dry fire practice is something you have to appoligize for or explain. It's almost REQUIRED if you want to get better. I can not draw at my local range either. But I have a target setup in my home office. I do the regular check and double check before starting. Then I practice the draw stroke; FROM CONCEALMENT!

Edzilla gave me a tip on this one time. I start my dry fire at 1/4 speed. Do it 10 times. Then move the speed up to 1/2 speed. 10 more. Then 3/4. 10 more. Then full speed. 10 more. If getting ready for a major match... I try to push it a little; go a little faster than normal. But after that, I slow back down to 3/4 and finish with good smooth strokes.

The point is to re-enforce correct mechanics. If you start out practicing fast, you may practice a bad mechanic that gets set. Starting this way helps you get the proper mechanics every time.

Dry fireing works. I had not shot revolver for a LONG time. We had a bowling pin "revolver only" match this week. I have always shot single action but for this match, I spent a week dry fireing double action. Probably shot 400 times like that. Got to the match and found it was a REAL effort to shoot single action. The mechanics were there to shoot double. Really kinda surprised me.

Hope to see you at the Cup Bob. I have run about 700 rounds downrange this week getting ready. Still have another 700 to go. Back to the range tonight.

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