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Bob: the mental part is where i trip up, too, esp when the timer is on. I shot a match last weekend, did really well on one stage (right in there with the high Experts), average+ on 3, and poor on one. I re-ran myself on two of the stages later, and did MUCH better. I was relaxed, and didn't psych myself out. Dohhhh!

9x45 is right: shoot for -0's. Our top shooter, a Bianchi Cup champ and founder of the Steel Challenge, always chides me to do that..."shoot for zero's, and the speed will come." When I listen, it works. consistency, or rather lack of it, is my real enemy. Just when I get one thing dialed in, another goes out of whack. This sport is harder than it looks, for sure. I need to spend more time doing dry-fire/holster work..i know that helps for sure. Cheers
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