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Are there restrictions on storage?
None federally that I can recall at the moment. Your state laws may require certain safeguards from children, but that is only applicable within 3nm from shore.
Am I allowed to carry concealed on my boat like I can in my home, even if I am not licensed for concealed carry?
No federal restrictions I can recall, again, your state laws dictate CC restrictions inside 3nm from shore.
Can I defend my boat just like I can my house?
Yes, as long as you are within the limits of state law when in state jurisdiction.
What are the laws regarding sailing my boat to another state where I am perhaps not licensed to possess weapons?
Same rules that would apply if you drove your automobile there.
What about going to other countries?
That's a can of worms you don't want to open. It will largely depend on the country you visit, but check with your local Customs office to determine what paperwork needs to be done.

FWIW, if I'm on the boarding team, all I want you to do is remain still and tell me where the weapons are when I ask you. Most everyone uses the same terminology, something to the tune of:

"Sir, without moving or reaching for them, are there any weapons on this vessel?"
- Yes.
"Sir, again, without moving in any way, where are the weapons located?"
- Over there/on my hip/in the cabin/etc.

One of the boarding team members will retrieve the weapon/s, unload and clear, and I will place a zip-tie through the action. When the boarding is complete, I'll (carefully) cut the zip-ties and return your weapons to you.

During the course of the boarding, I might measure the barrels on shotguns & rifles if they look too short. I'll require you to produce the proper paperwork (tax stamp) if the lengths are too short. Same for suppressors, select-fire/full-auto.

(Side note: For those of you who wish to take your NFA weapons with you on maritime excursions, bring a copy of your paperwork.)

Any further info you need, just ask and I'll point you in the right direction.
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