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mike benedict
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the 3rd stage of the IDPA classifier is the easiest stage for me and it is the all about trigger control and sight picture

If you are having trouble shooting as most people do you are having a problem with fundementals ( the same reason most people hate standards)

So set up a IDPA target at 25 yards and shoot a group. No barricade just draw and shoot 6 shots. It should not be a problem to shoot a group of 4-6 inches with any old pistol at all in 10 seconds.
If you can't do this you either don't have good trigger control or you are not watching The sights.
Lack of trigger control is most often seen in low shots. Look at a novice shooter's sights most of the time you will see them cranked all hte way up. A sure sign of jerking the trigger.
Poor sight picture is most often seen as shots all over the target.
The cure get yourself some NRA ullseye targets and shoot groups forget drawing, moving reloading and shooting fast. just shoot some groups.
It doesn't take long to get the hang of it and shortly you will be able to call your shots with out ever looking at the target.

any way first you have to shoot a good group then we can move on the the next lesson..

BTW for those who don't know me I'm a 4 gun IDPA master from Ohio currently living in Jasper Georgia.

and I'm always happy to work with any shooter
the cost for personal training starts at one beer per lesson


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