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I figured out what another part of my problem is. I've been shooting regular target silhouettes for so long that I naturally want to aim to the center of the target in IDPA. I had a nice group right where the "X" ring would normally be, but they were all -1 shots! I just need to restructure my thinking while at the range. Now I am aiming for the "9" above the "X" instead, as that roughly corresponds to the center of the 0 ring for the IDPA target.

I did really well shooting single handed on Sunday, both weak and strong hands. That should translate into a little better scoring.

The problem that I am going to have with the 3rd stage is the whole shooting from around a barricade thing. There's nowhere I can really practice that around here.

I'm also starting to wonder if maybe I ought to invest in a Glock 17 as well. The G21 is GREAT, and I love the .45 ACP, but the follow-up shots would come a LOT quicker with a 9mm.

What do you normally shoot?
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