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Bob, I practice shooting the 3rd stage of the classifier for 6 months trying to overcome the same problem you have, also to get out of the Marksman class in CDP. I keep having 1 miss per target and that hurt, I notice a trend that my groups were to the left and low. I was yanking the trigger instead of pressing it and not getting a good sight picture which is very important at that range. I also tend to do a 6 o'clock hold on the -0 zone, so my shots went low into the -1 and -3 zone. It took awhile to correct my trigger mashing and low aiming. Now I aim at the 12 o'clock mark of the -0 zone, and if my shots go low, guess what? they go into the -0 area. I also practice just hitting targets at much longer ranges, 50-60 yds, freestyle and strong hand only, to work on my trigger control. At the April classifier match everything came together and on the 20 yd. stage my dropped shots were -5,-1,-3, and I got into Sharpshooter, barely missed Expert by around 7 seconds. So I guess what I'm trying to say is keep practicing long range shots, 20-30 yds. from a barricade. By the way, keep the gun as vertical as possible from the weak hand side of the barricade.
Good luck.
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