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Thanks, Ricky. And I'm BOB. Mr. Locke is my dad. As I'm only 31, I don't feel like I rate the "Mr." thing yet.

My whole problem with the 20-yard stage was dropped points. I was consistent, though not in the manner I had hoped. I dropped 13 points on EACH target, for a total penalty of 19.5 seconds. The thing that really hurt me was that I only put 9 holes in each target, so I incurred a -5 penalty right off the bat. But that means that I actually shot the stage in about 52 seconds, which doesn't seem to me to be too bad for a first effort.

I went to the range yesterday and worked on single hand shooting with both hands as that caught me a little off-guard, too. Also, it's going to be nearly impossible for me to practice shooting while moving as the indoor ranges around here don't allow it and I don't know anyone who owns a good spread outside of town where we could set up for it. I did figure out that I need to bend my knees a lot more while on the move to provide shock absorption for my hands. I think I will do a LOT better next time I shoot the classifier, and suspect that I will improve by 10-15 seconds. Hitting all ten shots on each target on the long stage will save me a lot of points, so I intend to take just a split-second and make sure that happens.
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