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Mr. Locke:
72 seconds at the 20yd stage is about average for a high Marksman or low Sharpshooter. This is the toughest stage, as you found out. It separate the kids from the big boys. Looking at our last classifier match, your score would be right in the middle of the SSP/Sharpshooter class. You did well and congratulations. There are lots of skills involve in the classifier: drawing from holster, shooting on the move, turning or pivoting, slide lock reloads, tactical reloads. Try practice those drills until you can do them smoothly. Sounds like you did well in the first two stages and you're having trouble with the long distance. I've been working with a Master shooter in the past year, and he told me I should press and hold the trigger a fraction of a second after the shot break before resetting, and get a good sight picture. At the last classifier I was able to shoot the third stage in 44.18 seconds and 9 points down (48.68 sec.). Keep shooting the classifier as much as you can, especially the 20yd. stage.
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