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guns on yachts

For some time now I've had the dream of buying a yacht and living aboard full time (as in no longer having a home on land). This is still just out of reach, but is close enough that I think I need to start planning for it. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with information regarding storage and use of guns on boats. If this is going to be my only residence, I need to know that laws similar to the ones that apply to my house would apply to the boat.

Are there restrictions on storage?
Am I allowed to carry concealed on my boat like I can in my home, even if I am not licensed for concealed carry?
Can I defend my boat just like I can my house?
What are the laws regarding sailing my boat to another state where I am perhaps not licensed to possess weapons? What about going to other countries?

I'm living in MA currently, and I'd probably have the boat registered in either MA or NH, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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