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Just shot my first IDPA Classifier. Scored a 151.43 in SSP using my Glock 21. That put me at the low end of the Sharpshooter level (scored like 1 second fast enough). All the guys were telling me that I did really well for my first time out. The guy who runs the operation locally told me what it REALLY means is that the other sharpshooters will be wearing me out for a while until I improve a little.

The thing that got me was the 20-yard shooting from behind the barricade. I cost myself 20 seconds in penalties due to misses and errant shots. 72 of my 151 points were totalled in that stage. Felt like I did pretty well on the other two, including the shooting on the move stage, which is something else I have never done.

It was a LOT of fun! I am looking forward to shooting in the local bi-weekly matches and hopefully getting in on one or two regional events before I leave SE Virginia.

I'd love to hear from other IDPA shooters and would really like to hear comments on how to improve my skills (range drills, things of that nature).
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