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I was glad to find this thread. I looked at a Rem Model 24 today at a gun shop just for fun. Not in pristine condition, but it looks like it would be fun. This one shoots .22 shorts.

My question is that when I pulled out the magazine cylinder/pushrod from the buttplate there was the metal sleeve or tube and then there was about 3-4" of spring protruding out from the tube with a small 1" or so cap over the spring.

When I returned the spring and tube assembly back into the buttstock and locked it down and turned the gun upside down and pulled the bolt back I could see the spring and the 1" cap and it appeared to be about 1/4-1/2" or so from the angled guide that would guide the round down into the breech of the barrel.

Does this all sound correct?

I just couldn't quite visualize how it worked when looking inside the action with the gun upside down. The bolt would slide back and cock the gun, I was able to dry fire no problem. Safety worked.

The magazine tube/spring assembly thing just looked weird to me and I wanted to make sure it was supposed to be like that before I buy.

I appreciate any input.


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