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Congrats Ricky.. Looking forward to seeing you there. Bev the best??? Well... I think Julie Nowlin MIGHT disagree with ya there. But I won't. I have to shoot with Bev too often to pi$$ her off. (grin) (Pbtttt Bev. That's for calling my new Lightweight Commander a "girly" gun.)

FYI... The purple holster is long gone... along with the silver and royal blue ones. She still has the red one that matches her red Ropers. But you should SEE what Bev is currently working on for Nationals.

A number of us "Texicans" will be working as SO's at this years Nationals. I was given the identity of 2 of the 3 SOs who will be working with me on my stage; Iron Mike from Fredricksburg and Dave R from here in Austin. I SURE hope whoever Marc assigns as the 4th to this team has a GOOD sense of humor.. Something tells me those blasted plywood cows from the ROT Championships may make the trip to MS.


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