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tv hunting shows

just picked up the "outdoor channel" on my cable service. looks to be a great channel, more variety than versus.

anyway there are 2 guys hunting moose in alaska. they show some footage of snow covered bush with moose walking around. then they cut to 2 guys in full hunting gear, carrying a rifle standing in front of what appears to be a wall sized picture of a snowy brushy area. these guys are talking about the hunt, they squirt some powder straight up in the air (no breeze at all) the background picture of course does not move at all, no wind, no birds, not even a snow flake falling and it never changes. these 2 guys are talking normally, as they point to the moose the show cuts to the real outdoor footage of the moose. the difference in the film quality is obvious. they cut back to the 2 guys on this obvious movie set, there is sweat beading up on their foreheads as they are dressed in cold weather hunting gear and hats. the guy kneels, levels his rifle and pretends to take his shot. they cut to the "other" footage, the moose never even flinches. the guy on the studio set jumps up, the 2 guys hug and congratulate themelves on another successful trophy hunt.

the acting was poor, the difference in the footage was obvious, i was stunned someone would go to that much trouble to simulate hunting. it reminded me of some of the really cheezy action tv shows or after school local tv personalities and cartoons i watched as a kid. the show kept my attention waiting for the next cheezy stunt and i guess i was actually entertained. i hope it's not a series

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